Michael  - A strong backround in videography and photography with 25 years of video production experience as a Producer / Director at Western Illinois University with over a thousand video's to his credit.

Did photography professionally in Chicago for years before taking a job at WIU as a television producer where he has recently retired from to start the business. (middle in photo)


Austin - Recently graduated from college where he studied film, theater, and writing and was also involved in broadcasting and television production. He is a talented filmmaker with multiple Film Festival win's to his credit. Austin, also specializes in visual effects utilizing Adobe After Effects and other computer animation programs. Austin has a special love for interesting photo composition and is proficient in Photoshop as well. (left in photo)


Gabriel -  A filmmaker and student who is an accomplished editor with dozens of projects under his belt. He is a currently junior in college doing his undergrad at Western Illinois University studying Parks and Recreation. He is an avid outdoor lover and traveler. (right in photo)


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We have a long history with and a strong passion for video, which translates directly into the work that we do for you.


Quality is where experience meets interest, which is why we have the knowledge and the drive to go the extra mile to make your video great.



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