Price List

    We developed this pricing system to make it easier to get the kind of video you want at a price that works for you.   



3 Cameras

1 Videographer

4 Cameras

2 Videographers

5 Cameras

3 Videographers












+$100 per person

per hour








Personell & Equipment

Ceremony &





+$100 per person

per hour



+$100 per person

per hour





      *All packages include a highlight preview video posted online within two days of your wedding for friends and family to watch and share. This is a great feature that most do not offer with all packages

See preview examples here:

    -The even Higher packages contain a larger number of cameras for yet more coverage so no moment of the ceremony is missed. The Higher packages also contain additional expierenced camera operators; Having multiple cameras used by our experienced personel will yield a much more artistic and intimate look for the event than only a couple cameras being operated, and several that are locked down in place. Having two or even three fluid moving shots will give you the most elegant and beautiful looking wedding you can find.

    -The simple fact about video production is that the more cameras you have, the better coverage of the event, and more coverage equals a much more complete, cinematic, and memorable piece of video for you and your family to re-watch and cherish for years.
But, multiple cameras require skilled editing, sometimes 8 – 20 hours for the final pieced together product. The lower 3 categories reflect the extra time and skill required to produce a beautiful and complete look at the days events. The more modest single camera packages do not fully capture the full beauty and elegance that the professional edit does by using multiple cameras and personell.

Information and Guidance to Picking the Perfect Package:

Once you have decided on a package to fit your needs and wants for your wedding video you can contact us for booking your date