Visual Effects can be used for vitually anything that you could think of doing or putting in a video. From making some intense realism to your project by adding expolsions and gun flashes in a short film, or simply taking out some forgotten wires or tripods from the back of your shots. Visual Effects are a technoligical tool to improve the quality of a video by adding supplemental elements that were not attainable as it was shot. Basically, we add in the things that you cannot realisitaclly achieve, such as firing a real gun, blowing up a real car, flying a real helicpoter, airplane, or jet wherever you want to. The sky is pretty much the limit for Visual Effets, it is a wide open spectrum where almost anything that can be realized can be achieved. We will work with you closely to achieve the exact look or effect that you want in your commercial, promotion, music video or short film



Visual Effects and Compter Animation

(Below are a few example videos of what we have done in the past with visual effects)