Undoubtably one of the most joyous day of any two peoples

lives where new family ties are forged and memories made.

Unfortunately most of which memories are too nuanced and intimate for still photography to capture. Mere pictures won't remind you of the words spoken at the ceremony, the music played at the first dance, or Uncle Larry's sweet dance moves for that matter. But most of all the speeches, reactions, and smiles of the family and friends which you care so much about.

Remember every moment, clearly and beautifully with TnT Video.





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What do we do?


Simply put, we capture any and every major event of your big day. You may want only the ceremony, or the entire days events to be videoed, from the pre-ceremony banter and preparation all the way through the last dance at the reception. Either way we can capture as much or as little as you want of your special day:



-Before the wedding "behind the scenes" banter between groomsmen and brides maids, first looks, jokes, laughs and posing for pictures.


-The Ceremony itself from start to finish, capturing every scritpture passage, piano note, and smile,


-Post Wedding events from the walk out and rice tossing, to a cocktail party, or maybe a ride around town in a party bus or limo with the wedding party.


- And of course The Reception, where we document all events from the cake cutting, to the first dance, along with all the speeches and dancing in between.


- On top of all that we offer a Highlight

Preview of the ceremony and/or reception with highlights and music that we will edit and upload within 48 hours of your big day for you to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to all of your friends and family!

(see top for Wedding Preview examples)


-Along with our services we provide you 5 crisp, high quality, printed DVD's or BlueRay's of your special day of celebration, with a full menu, scene selection and everything (just like a movie!)

Wedding videos are the ideal sentiment to a couples love and offer the perfect way for the memories to be preserved, cherished, and enjoyed for years to come, just as clear as the day they happened.

Wedding Party on a Party Bus